UNL Graphic Design BFA
Fall 2020 - Fall 2024

Dan Witz Collaboration — Augmented Reality (2023)

In Graphic Design III with Ben Evjen, we had a class collaboration with artist Dan Witz. We were tasked with creating AR effects that would play on top of his existing street art in Lincoln. The piece that I was assigned involved an injured hand grabbing from inside a grate. My interpretation was that it related to human trafficking, homelessness, and the overall sense of feeling trapped. I recreated the full piece in 3D to help the piece come alive. I then deconstructed the artwork to show how we typically disregard those who need help. This treatment leaves the victim feeling detached from reality.

Zine  — Whole Lotta Red, Playboi Carti (2022)

This is a project from Typography II class, in which we made a zine based on a music album of our choice. I chose Whole Lotta Red by Playboi Carti. The record has a dark and punk style to it, so I tried to match that visually. I took advantage of the risk-taking abilities I was afforded due to the DIY nature of the album. 

*Note: all of the photography of Playboi Carti within the spreads is not done by me.

Tiger Conservation Poster (2022)

In Typography II, we created posters which support a cause. The WWF website says that there are roughly 4,500 tigers left in the wild, so I chose to support their conservation efforts. Many people are unaware that they are endangered, which is why I used a simple type style to get the message across as directly as possible. The tiger imagery is intended to be shocking and powerful, starting with a normal tiger and ending with a skeleton.